Best Buttermilk Recipes

Best Buttermilk Recipes

Best Buttermilk Recipes

Looking for a recipe to use up the buttermilk in your fridge? We’ve all been there. After buying a carton for a recipe, we’re left with extra that needs to be used up. What is buttermilk and how can we use it? Read on for some of the best recipes with buttermilk.


FAQs about Buttermilk:

  • Where to buy buttermilk?
    • You can find buttermilk near the regular milk at most grocery stores!
  • What’s a buttermilk substitute?
    • Don’t want to run to the store? Read below for how to make your own buttermilk substitute at home.
  • What is buttermilk used for?
    • Buttermilk is great in baked goods, as a marinade for meat, in dressings, the list goes on.
  • How is buttermilk made?
    • Formerly, Buttermilk was the liquid left over after churning butter. This buttermilk was always nonfat – since the fat was in the butter. But nowadays, it is not. Now, most dairies take pasteurized milk and add cultures to transform it into buttermilk (similar to how yogurt is made). This allows them to use milks of different fat contents. So you can buy buttermilk ranging from non-fat skim to full fat.


How to make Buttermilk: Recipe for 1 cup.

  1. In liquid measuring cup, add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice.
  2. Next, add regular milk (skim, 2%, or whole) to the 1 cup line.
  3. Finally, allow to sit for 5-10 minutes before using. The milk will curdle slightly, which is we want!


Best Buttermilk Recipes:

Now, how are we going to use the buttermilk? It is such a versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory recipes. See below for some of my favorite recipes using buttermilk!


  1. Extra Fluffy Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Buttermilk makes the THICKEST, and FLUFFIEST pancakes. These are a must for your Saturday morning. Simple, staple Fluffy Chocolate Chip Pancakes. But made EXTRA thick and fluffy thanks to our DIY buttermilk. And did I mention the chocolate chips? Your weekend mornings just got a serious upgrade. Recipe at #fluffypancakes #weekendbreakfast #scratchpancakes
  2. Hot Honey Oven Fried ChickenBy marinating our chicken pieces in buttermilk beforehand, we’re tenderizing the chicken and adding flavor too!Hot Honey Oven Fried Chicken marinated in buttermilk and breaded with cornflakes
  3. Lemon Blueberry Breakfast CakeThanks to the buttermilk, this cake is extra moist and tender. Loaded with blueberries and lemon zest adds brightness to every bite.Lemon Blueberry Breakfast Cake made with buttermilk
  4. Classic Strawberry ShortcakesUsing buttermilk in the biscuits helps in multiple ways. The acidity works with the baking powder to help the biscuits rise. Taller biscuits that also have a nice tang.Classic Strawberry Shortcake requires a light and tender biscuit, sweet and sugary strawberries, all topped off with fluffy whipped cream. We elevate the traditional Strawberry Shortcake by adding Crème Fraîche to our homemade whipped creme. Recipe at #strawberrycake #strawberrydessert #strawberryshortcake #strawberryrecipes #cremefraiche
  5. Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake. Loaded with fresh apple chunks, topped with cinnamon sugar, and extra moist.This Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake is extra moist and loaded with fresh apple chunks. And don't forget about the crunchy cinnamon sugar topping. Meet your new favorite fall dessert (or even serve as a sweet treat at brunch).


What are you going to make with buttermilk next? Let me know in the comments!

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