Month in 5 Photos | October 2018

Month in 5 Photos | October 2018

How was your October? Was it filled with all the spooky, pumpkin spiced, leaf peeping things? Mine involved lots of dressing up (either in costumer or getting a little fancy.) I love Fall so sad to see October go, but November just happens to be my birthday month so I guess I’m okay with it 🙂



1. Every October, Minneapolis has a fun tradition. The Zombie Pub Crawl! It’s less a pub crawl, and more a mini music festival. A few blocks of the city are blocked off and there are some stages with artists that perform. And everyone dresses up as a zombie of their choice! This year, my girlfriends and I were Pink Lady zombies. Very fun. And let us get into the spooooooky spirit a few weeks before Halloween.


2. Another weekend we swapped out our torn, zombie clothing for something a little fancier. One of Marcus’s best friends got married and he was a groomsmen in the wedding party. It was a great night celebrating an even greater couple. And I always love a good excuse to break it down on the dance floor 🙂


3. Did you really get down with your bad, Fall self if you don’t decorate pumpkins? One of my girlfriends recently bought a house (so Adult! I KNOW!) and had us over for some old fashioned pumpkin carving. Every year when I go to carve, I have all of these elaborate ideas. And every year I’m reminded that pumpkin carving is HARD. My elaborate idea quickly turned into the very basic kitty face in the lower right. This reminds me – my pumpkin is still on our balcony… I should probably get rid of that…



4. How far in advance do you plan out your Halloween costume? I always say I’m going to plan in advance and do something extra creative and all out. Then every year I’m desperately texting my friends the week before asking who wants to do a simple group costume with me. For one of the Halloweekend nights, my friend and I were the dancing emoji twin girls! We had to stick together and do this pose all night long for people to know what we were, but it worked!


5. Finally, at the very end of the month we had to say see ya later to one of my best friends. She is originally from Pennsylvania and has lived in Minneapolis for a few years, but it was time for her to move back home. An awesome girl deserved an awesome going away celebration so we threw her a HUGE Halloween/Going Away Surprise Party. And boy, was she surprised. There were tears, there was laughter, and lots of “see you soon” instead of goodbyes.


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