About Me

Hi! I’m Kathleen and welcome to my little space on the interwebs. Here on Kathleen’s Cravings, the focus will be on just that, what I’m craving and cooking in the kitchen.

A little about me… I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis (insert cold winter joke here). For college I moved to Philadelphia and studied business at Villanova University – Go Cats! After I graduated, I landed a job back in the Twin Cities area and I was excited to return home to Minnesota. By day, I work in analytics for a consumer goods company, but after hours it’s nice to take a break from crunching numbers and have fun in the kitchen.

My entire life I have loved everything about food. From trying new restaurants, experimenting in the kitchen, watching cooking videos, flipping through my large (and constantly growing) cookbook collection, or ogling the latest kitchen gadgets or décor, food consumes my life. Fun fact: my 14th birthday party was a cooking demo at Williams Sonoma, my  happy place.

My food philosophy is all about balance. I try to eat as healthy as I can, but sometimes you just need to eat a half a block of cheese. You feel me? So when I do indulge, I like to make those indulgences count!

I’m so excited for you to follow along with me.  Let’s engage with each other, learn from each other, and overall have some fun in the kitchen together.